creative director

3D Systems


It All Started When…

3D Systems invented 3D printing 30 plus years ago. Today they’re a global B2B industrial 3D printer, 3D scanner, software and print services company that works alongside titans of the manufacturing industry like Boeing, NASA and Lotus.

As creative director, having the chance to rebrand and create a new visual language for this company was exciting. I assembled a team, and we accomplished this from the top down, starting with logo work.


We moved on to the 3D Systems company website, completely transforming this property into a visual expression of the capabilities of 3D printing and the surrounding services, in 8 languages. Moving to a solutions-based architecture was part of that goal, enabling the customer to visualize how 3D printing could disrupt their industry and transform their business.


Multiple other websites, apps, portals and sub brands, servicing the company’s offerings in 3D scanning, healthcare, software and printing on demand followed suit, with a comprehensive brand architecture developed by myself and the marketing team.

I developed a complete Brand Book, covering everything from print to web, and from email to photo/video style guides. Every visual aspect of the brand was detailed for both internal and external use, and I trained teams in Korea, the USA, and Europe on our new branding practices and expectations.


I led exercises in brand voice, directed agencies hired to expand the brand with campaign content, and initiated user experience testing with one-on-one guided customer experience recordings and interviews, followed by detailed analysis and publication of a quarterly report. This drove the company to improve CTR and conversion on all web properties.


In 2017 I led the launch of a new eCommerce initiative for a prosumer printer, FabPro. I directed the development of a comprehensive E2E demand and data flow, engagement strategy, and search strategy, while researching enterprise level eCommerce solutions and suitable third party development companies to help drive the launch of the sites in 6 languages in 2018.