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I worked at SEGA for 4 years from 2008-2012, and in that time I hired and managed a team of web and graphics designers. We functioned as the in-house design agency for developing web sites and social media presences for all the brand’s games.

Among those were all the Sonic the Hedgehog releases, and other titles ranging from the Total War series, Alpha Protocol, and Aliens: Colonial Marines, and and cult hits like Bayonetta, to Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz and the Daisy Fuentes Pilates site.

Every brand required dexterity. The challenges involved working with separate game development teams and demanding external stakeholders like 20th Century Fox, Marvel and the International Olympic Committee. Titles based on movies such as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Aliens series brought high levels of scrutiny and tight approval cycles, with game launch dates bound by a high level of secrecy and a low quantity of available assets.

Shown above, other aspects of this role involved designing and implementing skins for dozens user forums and social media presences, designing emails for all brands, and developing print graphics and other items like postage stamps, clothing, collectible posters and event graphics.